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The Sound of One Hand: Reaching Beyond the limits of Traditional Ink Painting

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tokyo Memorial Exhibition ~

Tokyo Memorial Exhibition of Calligraphy and Sumi-e
by the members of ICCPS
International Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting Society

This stunning exhibit is open from May 31 to June 5, 2011

 Art viewers leaving messages for the artists!

One message from an art viewer:
"Mastery Strokes!"
"The sound of "opening day" always gives me vibes of excited anticipation with a tinge of nervousness even though I am just an appreciator or audience.  And often time I am the first to arrive at the show in the middle of preparation chaos - LOL!!  Today, as usual, I was the humiliating first-comer at the calligraphy exhibition in Shibuya. The small gallery that is located nearby Shibuya Station most famously known as a labyrinth, and inside it, every wall was crowded with works of about 40 members, and among them, I found a hanging scroll by Casey.  I don't know many things about calligraphy however I could see her mastery hand especially at bending of the trunk or joints of branches.  As a Japanese who did SHODO once before I know how long it takes until one is able to attain such brush works. "

 Appreciating the calligraphy and sumi-e of ICCPS

My humble contribution to this wonderful show.

My sumi-e is called "Kelly's Magic Persimmons" and is dedicated to my daughter who is currently fighting leukemia. A lot of love went into my creation.
"Kelly no Kaki - Kelly's Persimmons". 

One viewer describes my work:
 " It's a beautiful work of art and I like it.  I didn't know it was dedicated to your daughter, but now I know that was why I felt something close to loving and caring, that is quite opposite of self-sufficiency and indifference that stands out in most sumi-e in general.  You know, sumi-e is much of the time conversation with oneself, confronting with oneself, like meditation.  You have this compassion floating in your cosmos - wow, it's deep, isn't it? (smile)".

If you are in Tokyo, be sure to stop by this wonderful exhibit at the studio of Ransui Yakata.
Ransui is a master calligrapher and sumi-e artist.
For more information visit the North American Society webpage

Director of North American Branch
国際中国書法国画家協会アメリカ支部:Ms. Casey Shannon アメリカ現代水墨画家


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