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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kelly's Story ~ of Hope and Art

 Kelly and Aven

Kelly's Story ~ A Story of Hope and Art

I am writing this story of grace and hope about my daughter Kelly who is currently fighting AML (leukemia). Kelly is an amazing woman and my hero. She was unexpectedly diagnosed with AML three months ago in March 2011. After a routine visit to her gynecologist and having her blood work analyzed, Kelly's doctor called her at work and said she needed to get to the ER immediately. At the ER, Kelly learned she had 86% cancer cells in her bone marrow.....a deathly blow.

Kelly was a busy working mother before her diagnosis. Her daughter Aven is 7 months old at the time of this writing. Kelly has always been an organized 'do it all' person. She is a mother, wife, restaurant manager in a large corporation, private pilot, and artist. She was scrambling to get everything done in a small 24 hour period of time each day. The cancer has now slowed her down. My daughter remains in the hospital undergoing chemo treatment for her acute leukemia, which consists of 24/7 chemo for a week. Then, waiting for her blood count to come back up. Then, repeating the process. She will have to repeat this process 5 times in total. With prayer, hope, triumph, and luck, her leukemia will be in recession and stay that way after these processes are over.
 Curly Dancing Columbine by Kelly

Through all of this, my daughter has a terrific attitude and has not lost her crazy sense of humor. Kelly is an incredible woman. She is strong. She is a bright spirit. She is a fighter. Kelly will be well.

This is a quote from Kelly: "Being diagnosed with Acute Leukemia has given me a second chance at life, literally. I no longer want to live another moment with unhappy lifestyles, people, jobs or circumstances that will hinder my overall sense of purpose and joy. Life is precious and it can end in a second. Before cancer, I had forgotten these things that bring me great pride. I was becoming one of the many that just seemed to exist and not reach out to tap into our true gifts and universal paths. Since I have been painting in the hospital, I have been able to let go of my deadly disease and live in the present, without fear, and feel good again about what I have accomplished throughout my life. I am a painter! Now if I can just get the nursing staff to stop taking my blood pressure every 5 seconds and stop asking me several times a day if I've pooped. It really ruins the moment sometimes, ya know."

 Spring Sunflower Spirit by Kelly

Kelly has been painting in the hospital and when she gets released she will join AFC and offer prints of her paintings for sale. She will donate 100% of the proceeds to 'The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society'. I share some of her works with you here. There is a tremendous healing power in the creative process and you can certainly see the power of art in my daughter's watercolor paintings. Enjoy!

Casey Shannon
Chief Communications Officer for the Art for Cancer Group (AFC)

Pretty in Pink Camilla by Kelly

 Starry Night Orchid by Kelly

White Roses for Aven by Kelly

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