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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ensō Aven

Ensō Aven

What is an Ensō?
The Ensō is one of the most prevalent images of Zen Art, and it has become a symbol of the clean and strong Japanese aesthetic. The ensō is an expression of the mind of the artist who brushes it. As a symbol, the circle expresses the totality of our being. The circle points to the most vital aspect of our essence -- it's ultimate wholeness. The ensō symbolizes enlightenment, power, and the universe itself. It is a direct expression of thusness or this-moment-as-it-is.

This image was inspired by my new granddaughter due to arrive soon. Her name will be Aven. Aven is a 15th century Celtic name meaning 'pure radiance'. Aven is also a flower. Mountain Aven's are delicate yet strong sturdy little flowers that grow in very high altitudes. These little beauties are related to the rose. Puts a different meaning to the phrase 'my wild Irish rose!'

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