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Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is Where I Live ~ Outside

Sketchbook Monthly Theme:
This is Where I Live

Sometimes I like to take a break from painting. At this time, I thoroughly enjoy creating sketchbooks with a theme. Making them feeds my very soul. Each individual drawing is a snapshot in time and it contains a loving part of me. To start my book, I took many many pictures of the outside and inside of my home. I enjoyed shooting all the 'nooks and crannies' of every corner and space. And, all the while thinking in my head, 'how shall I draw this scene?'

This sketchbook is still a work in progress. The book has the theme of 'This is Where I Live'. The completed sketchbook will be on display in The Art House Gallery at 303 Grand. The gallery is located in Brooklyn, NY. The Art House is a co-op for artists around the world and we build projects together. This is the second sketchbook I have created for The Art House. My book will remain on permanent display in their library.

So far, I have the outside completed, which consists of the first 19 pages. The finished sketchbook will contain 38 pages both inside and outside of where I live. Please stop by my website to view the sketchbook at this point ~ Outside. Stay tuned. The Inside will be finished soon!

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