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Monday, December 7, 2009

Blue Bamboo Midnight

Blue Bamboo Midnight

Ever looked up at the full moon in awe? I have many times and felt bathed in the moon's magical glow. I often wondered who else might be looking at the moon at that moment and feel blessed by it's white glowing light. I am reminded of a childrens song about the moon. It goes like this:

God bless the moon,
And, God bless me,
God bless the one that I want to see!

This Sumi-e is called 'Blue Bamboo Midnight'. Media: Sumi (ink) and Japanese watercolor. This glowing image was inspired by a full moon shinning down on a lovely group of bamboo. In Chinese culture, bamboo represents strength but with the ability to bend. Lovely symbolism.

The original sumi-e painting of 'Blue Bamboo Midnight' has been sold. However, I do offer this painting as an art print at my Zazzle Gallery. You may professionally finish your art print right on the website before purchase with a mat and frame of your choice. I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery. There are many lovely Sumi-e images to select from there. Enjoy!

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