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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Enso Noble

Enso Noble
by Casey Shannon

How great is this? I just sold this original sumi-e called "Enso Noble" to a traditional taekwondo school in Madison, NJ. They are having a special event for their Sensei and giving my painting to him as a special gift. I am so pleased and honored. I am having the painting made into a hanging scroll for them. The event is in September 2017. Wow! 
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Inside the enso is a mountain, three trees, and three dots. There is not really a profound particular significance to the three trees and the three dots. Other than the number three is a beautiful esthetic number which I use in my paintings a lot. A gathering of three (birds, trees, dots, etc.) denotes beauty and simplicity to me.  It is sacred. It is oneness. It also signifies wholeness to me. This directly relates to the significance of the enso which among other things also signifies wholeness. The enso is a profound symbol in Zen. Mountains are very strong and noble. Hence, the title. 'Enso Noble'.

Casey Shannon

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