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The Sound of One Hand: Reaching Beyond the limits of Traditional Ink Painting

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaves of Life

The college where I teach recently started the new Fall semester. Getting students organized and settled into my courses is always a challenge. It takes up all my time and leaves me very little personal time for things like blogging about art, which is one of my favorite things to do! Today I blog!

The sumi-e you see here is called 'Leaves of Life'. The original painting can be seen in my Gallery Journey into Art. This painting was inspired by the beauty and spirit of life. And, how life enfolds us in experience. This sumi-e just flowed from my brush as if directed by divine intervention and was an incredible experience. It was a complete journey into art!

This painting was created on Arches hot press watercolor paper and painted entirely with a Hake brush, which is a flat wash brush. I find this kind of brush very useful and versatile when painting freely. The sumi (ink) was ground using a stone. Japanese watorcolor was also used. Fine Art Reproductions of 'Leaves of Life' are available from the Untapped Source. Poster Art Prints are available from my Zazzle Gallery and Art Prints are available in my SumiSpirit Gallery at ImageKind.


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