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Friday, August 28, 2009

World Art Media and NY Arts Magazine Scam!

Possible Money Art Scam!
Posted so you can make an informed decision for yourself!
Art World Media and NY Arts Magazine (same company) is a possible huge scam praying on vulnerable artists. Watch out for these folks. I received an email on my website from a woman claiming to be a NY art rep with Art World Media. At the end of this post I have included the email that I received, which I have learned is similar to what other artists have received on their websites.
The first two lines of the email sent to me seemed personal but the rest of the email sounded 'canned'. I viewed the websites I was directed to and those looked pretty good. I looked at the person's email address and it was @gmail, rather than a company email. I became suspicious. I forwarded the email to my friend who is the undisputed 'Internet Queen' and within minutes she found a lot of negative talk out there about this group on a reputable art community website called ArtBistro. I went there and found more information on various artist's blogs who had also been approached by these people.
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It appears World Art Media and NY Arts magazine (same company) send out thousands of unsolicited emails each month to artists on their websites promising art representation via online sources, publications, gallery shows etc. for a FEE. They do not advertise their fee on their website anymore, but I learned from other artists the fee starts at $500 and goes up from there to $4000 and $6000 depending on what they say they are doing for you.

World Art Media
does publish your work in the NY Art magazine. However, it does not have the millions of viewers, buyers, and following that they claim. One New Yorker said it is sold only in the newstand down the street from their NY office. 

NY Arts Magazine promises promotion, publicity and articles in their magazine and an art show in their gallery, 450 BROADWAY GALLERY, which, although it exists is in the inaccessible, interminable, un-climable 4th floor walk-up at that address. The gallery isn't even listed on the local Gallery Guide. However, It is listed in, where else, the NY World Arts Magazine. It is also my understanding, that even the so called 'Marketing Associates' get ripped off. Most of their positions are continually advertised on Craig's List. When they sign on, they are promised wonderful commissions. After working like crazy soliciting artists, they are not given these commissions. One guy wrote, that after working for World Art Media, he could have made more money had he been employed flipping hamburgers at McDonald's.

World Art Media seems to be just 'legit enough' to keep from getting arrested. However, they operate in an unethical manner. They don't tell the entire truth about what they can/will do for artists and actually charge you ridiculous fees for their services. This is not the kind of company I choose to do business with ever! My advice? far away.

The email letter I received:
Dear Casey,
I have just reviewed your website ( and I am very impressed with your body of work, particularly the Sumi-e brush paintings..

My name is Annie Scott and I'm an artist representative with World Art Media (a dynamic international arts publicity and PR company based in NYC). We promote galleries, museums, art fairs and committed artists. After briefly reviewing your works I feel its possible to explore some form of collaboration. Working closely with our affiliates at many international art companies and exhibition spaces (including the Broadway Gallery NYC and New York Arts Magazine), we are able to offer different exhibition and publication options.
I feel very strongly that your current body of work is ideally suited to a publication project I am coordinating for the near future. I want to discuss the possibility of having your work publicized in an upcoming print issue of the magazine as well as in the different online venues.

We've been successfully working with artists like you and with our partner NY Arts Magazine for more than 10 years. The homepage now gets over 2 million hits per month, and the print version, with international distribution, reaches a large sector of art professionals and art enthusiasts. I believe this would be an important step toward gaining more attention for your work by offering you a number of opportunities to expose your work.

Our package, a combination of print and on line publicity, also includes a month of exposure with another affiliate: Art Fairs International The introductory promotional package is priced to meet your particular needs and our low prices and high quality are unmatched anywhere else in the art community.
WAM is dedicated solely to artists-providing them with the best possible options to further their career. Please see, to find more about the different and exciting projects we have to offer. I would be delighted to send you further information regarding this project, as well further options and costs. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions you may have as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and our working together.

Annie Scott
Marketing Associate
World Art Media 473 Broadway, 7th floor, NY NY 10013
Do your research. Follow the links that I have provided and you will find even more negative information. Don't be fooled. We artists always want our work to be exhibited and appreciated. We are flattered and get excited about stuff like this. And, we are vulnerable to scam. Watch yourself!!!

Be sure to read through the blog comments on this post from other artists. There is more information and experiences contained here.


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