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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wabi Sabi - Rising Up

  Wabi Sabi

I Celebrated 30 Years of Wabi Sabi on
October 20, 2013

Last month I told you about the special commemorative painting I would paint celebrating the 30th anniversary of my special life event - stroke.

Here it is!
Wabi Sabi - Rising Up

15 x 19 - Mulberry Paper
Sumi (ink), Tea, and Watercolor
Currently Unmounted

One friend of mine when she saw my efforts from this special day called my painting 'the landscape of my life'. I think she was correct, don't you?

Personal Commemorative 'Wabi Sabi' Seal

 I painted this commemorative sumi-e on that day to honor my stroke and sealed the painting with this very special artist chop.

I painted this day because I still can!
( Prints of this sumi-e will be available soon)

For more information about Wabi Sabi:
Wabi Sabi Blog  

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*New Additions* 
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