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Monday, January 3, 2011

StoryBook ~ Coming Soon!


Coming Soon to a Computer near you!

As we begin a new year and open our hearts to new possibilities and joys, I begin a new sketchbook for The Art House Co-Op Gallery. My sketchbook will travel around the country on tour with other sketchbooks from artists all over the world. It will then be permanently on display at the 303 Grand Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. 

My theme for the 2011 sketchbook is 'StoryBook'. My story is called 'Enso and the Haiku'. Can you guess what it is going to be about? I'm not telling. However, the first page of my sketchbook is above. There might be a clue in there for you. The 40 page sketchbook is currently being created. I have 14 pages complete to date.

The sketchbook illustrations are all created with pen and ink, ink brush, and colored pencil. The outline is stamped with red cinnabar paste as is the artist chop at the bottom center of each page. The square artist chop translates into my name which is 'Casey'.

The entire sketchbook will be available for viewing soon on my art website


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