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Friday, November 26, 2010

Moss Library location of #twitterartexhibit

Moss Library, Norway

This is the location of the first International Twitter Art Exhibit held in Moss Norway. It is the brain child of @DavidSandumArt ~ David Sandum, painter. See my post of November 11, 2010 for more information about the art exhibit.

David writes on his blog, "As so many of you are involved in #twitterartexhibit, I figured I'd better take some pics after today's meeting with the library director. Moss is a small town with about 30.000 people, so the library is not exactly humongus. But it has three floors and is more than suffiecient for the populus. The library (bibliotek in Norwegian) is located in a part of town called Møllerbyen that used to be part of the towns industry (years ago). The wall will will be able to show 240 cards, and so far we've received art from 173 artists (4 more days to go until deadline ends Nov 27th). The library is located next to the city's movie theater (kino). You can read more about Moss, Norway here:,_Norway

The statue/sculpture out in front (of the boy reading), is made by American sculptor in Moss (from NY state), Bruce Naigles - who is well known here and a close friend of mine (we used to have studios next to each other for three years). I think it is the most wonderful sculpture. Bruce is not on Twitter but you can find him on Facebook and his website:"
David Sandum
For more library pictures and information go to David's blog.


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